Throw a rad Olympic party

The Olympics start tomorrow! Eeeek! I love the Olympics. Ever since watching the Magnificent Seven in 1996 I dreamed of being an elite gymnast. Still do, actually. STOP LAUGHING. ūüėČ

I always like to get a group of girlfriends together the night of the gymnastics events to drink, hang out and watch Team¬†USA kick ass. Whether you’re having a small shindig or huge viewing party I’ve compiled a list of fun Olympic-themed party supplies and DIY’s to make your par-tay a hit. Links below!

All the essentials for a rad olympic par-tay

1. Olympic rings backdrop DIY 2. DIY Olympic athlete drink stirrers 3. Earth balloons 4. Flags of the world printable 5. Olympic themed candy bar 6. Champagne punch with edible gold star rim 7. DIY Olympic wreath crown 8. DIY Olympic ring sunnies

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Call for #BGDBrandBabes

BGD Brand Babe Search

Calling all badass mothers, bosses, bloggers and fun enthusiasts!

BGD is searching for their first ever group of #BGDBrandBabes for the upcoming Fall Launch!

The ideal BGD Brand Babe¬†is a lady in charge whether that mean raising tiny humans and/or owning a small biz (what’s sleep anyway?). This babe chugs coffee in the morning and wine in the evening. She uses way¬†too many emojis and has heart eyes for pretty, well-designed products. Most importantly: she loves to have FUN.

If this describes you…¬†You are our people! And we MUST get to know you.


Our goal with this program is to grow BGD through authentic interaction. We know you’ll love the products and hope you’ll share with your friends. No strings attached and feel free to give honest reviews! We want our customers to Salsa Dancer Girl Emoji when they see a BGD package at their door.

BGD also hopes to get to know Brand Babes as more than just a customer. How fun to be connected to like-minded women who kick ass on the daily?! We are excited for this community!

Join us and apply to become a BGD Brand Babe now! Applications will be accepted through August 12, chosen Babes will be notified by August 29.


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Guess who’s back


Oh hey! Getting this blog up and running again has been on the back burner for far too long. Here goes nothing.

Big changes for BGD are happening and I’m excited (and equally terrified but I’m choosing to ignore that emotion) for what’s to come.

First big change: hiring my first employee, Heather! She’s a dear friend and is making magic happen as BGD’s brand manager. She’s the Type A I need in my Type B life. She’s the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope. So excited to have her onboard!

Second big change: no more custom work. This was a hard decision. I had to ask myself if I was truly enjoying that creative process anymore and the truth is: I wasn’t. If I know anything about myself it’s that if I have to force myself to do a project, no money in the world is going to make it worth it.

Third big change: I’m shifting BGD’s business plan to releasing products in 3-4 collections per year. The fall collection was just finalized and, guys, it’s really rad. I can’t wait to share it. I’m shifting to this business model for a few reasons:

1. Direction of creative energy: Instead of being inspired, designing, sourcing and releasing a product randomly, the collection model forces me to be more thoughtful about it. Also, it forces me to be a planner–which is a work in progress for me.

2. Movement of stale product: How long has this damn mug been up in the shop for 50% off? A long effing time. (Buy it? Pretty please.) Collections allow me to test products, keep what sells well and easily get rid of the small quantity of what doesn’t sell. Along those same lines, I can test brand new products without as much risk. Win for everyone!

3. Marketing material: Fresh product = fresh photos = not the same boring shit I’ve been posting for years. Yep, I said it. I’m boring.

I’m so excited for what’s to come! I’m glad to have you along for the journey.

Follow along with BGD: get on the list + follow on Instagram + follow on snapchat (btotheword)

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